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The Spectral Eye
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The writing/fanfic of Laurel (Sailorhathor)
the spectral eye

Note: I made this a community so posting would be easier on me, but I am the only one who can post in it. If you want to be able to see updates I post here on your friend's page, you'll need to at least Friend/Watch/Track the community.

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This is the journal of the Spectral Eye, the place in my head where the characters go to commune. I am a writer who has been making up stories ever since I could talk. Writing for me is truly like having extra people living inside my head; they "talk" to me, make demands of me, knowing that they cannot "live" unless I write down their stories. Sometimes it gets to be a lot to take, and so the need for this journal, so they can have their chance to speak. But I really love having this imagination, no matter how they drive me nuts.

Just a word of warning, I write a lot of sex stories. Sex is like a spiritual thing to me, so it creeps into my work a lot. However, it is by no means all I write about.

The Spectral Eye Cafe resides within my "Third Eye." It is populated by a very motley crew of varying heritage, including my own original characters (my "kids"), fanfic charas (who have jumped in from other people's heads), and other assorted weirdos. One creature you'll hear a lot about is Veruca, who is my main creative daimon (muse). Very demanding little bitch, that Veruca.

My personal journal Paranormal Activity Screencaps

"Writing took me away from the worst of that pain; it was (and continues to be) the best pain-killer in my limited arsenal."
--Stephen King

"Sometimes stories cry out to be told in such loud voices that you write them just to shut them up."
--Stephen King

"Creative people aren't always in charge. And when they do their best work, they're hardly ever in charge. They're just sort of rolling along with their eyes shut, yelling Wheeeee."
Everything's Eventual
Stephen King

"For me, that emotional payoff is what it's all about. I want to make you laugh or cry when you read a story... or do both at the same time. I want your heart, in other words. If you want to learn something, go to school."
--Stephen King

"Lots of women have got a streak of whore in them."
L.T.'s Theory of Pets
Stephen King

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