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spn_reversebang 2015: #S2063 Hey Kids!

My entry for 2015's spn_reversebang, "Hey kids!"

The original animated gif...


Title of prompt: Hey Kids!
Rating of Art: PG
Highest Rating Fic Can Be: Up to the author
Pairing or Gen: Don't care
Characters: Crowley, other than him no preference, although Amara might work well
Warnings: Scary clown!!!
Short description of art: Hey kids! It's time for "Crowley's Funtime Cavalcade"! With Crowley and Bonko the Clown! Sit right down and get ready for some FUN!
Artist is willing to make more pieces to go with the story: Yes

Crowley has a TV show! And it's for... children? Maybe just for one special child...

smalltrolven wrote a delightfully twisted story for it, Hey Kids!, which you can read by visiting that link.
Or read on AO3 here

I made a title card for the story too!


Don't they make the sweetest little family? ^__^ (not)

Hope you enjoyed the work we put into all this! :)
Tags: art, big bangs, supernatural
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User smalltrolven referenced to your post from Hey Kids! saying: [...] ready for some FUN! An AU set somewhere around 11.03 “The Bad Seed”. Art Link(s): LJ [...]
love this
Thank you!
Yikes, that gif is creepy and sinister. I love it! :D
Thank you! I figured if Crowley had a kids show, it might be just like this. :D
User slytherinblack referenced to your post from Edition 3,434 saying: [...] by and art [...]
Heehee, definitely the funkiest artprompt this year. I love wobbly head Crowley and that Bonko is one scary clown *shivers* Strangely enough the story banner may even be more ominous with Crowley's dubious look and Amara's not so innocent expression. Great lettering, fun stuff;)
Hee, thank you. ^__^ I was looking at Crowley's head there and it just had to wobble, like he was saying, "Yup, I went there, I made a creepy show for kids, uh huh, uh huh, nodder nodder nodder." I also love that picture of Crowley and Amara. I'm so glad they took it and that it wound up on the internet so I could use it! It's really great. The fonts are awesome too! I'm so grateful for talented font makers that make it possible for me to create fun art.
Haha, wobblehead Crowley is just to funny. Bonko the clown on the other hand... yikes! Great work! :D
Thanks! ^__^ Yes, Bonko is quite the scary fellow. >:)