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2014 Fanfic/Art Year in Review

My creative output for 2014:

Fanart for SPN_Reversebang #1: My daddy shot your daddy in the head -- Supernatural
Fanart for SPN_Reversebang #2: Deanna the Vampire Slayer -- SPN/Buffy fusion
Fanmix for BigBang_Mixup: Boom Chicka Womp Wow -- A mix of sexual songs.
Updates to Beloved Sin -- A Dean/Paul fanmix.
Big Spendin' Buckaroos -- SPN/Miracles, Dean/Paul, Paul/Stripper/Dean (lap dance)
A Little Chaos -- Miracles, written for yuletide

Total stories written in 2014: 2 + 2 pieces of fanart + 1 fanmix + 1 updated fanmix
Total words written: 29,064 :P

Favorites of the bunch: I really love Big Spendin' Buckaroos. Not only the content, but the format.

Best of the bunch: Big Spendin' Buckaroos. Also like the sexual fanmix for the fact that it focuses mostly on rhythm over lyrics.

Most under-appreciated by the universe: Big Spendin' Buckaroos, because it involves "Miracles." I think I know every fan of "Miracles" on the internet by name. :P

Most fun to write: Big Spendin' Buckaroos when it was really coming together well. Dixie's voice was especially fun to write because she had a lot of funny observations.

Sexiest fic: BSB (you should know what that stands for by now)

Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you: Dixie's comments on trench coat perverts and who they were directed at. XD

Hardest fic to write: A Little Chaos. I just couldn't decide what I wanted to write for weeks.

Biggest disappointment: That I didn't write more in 2014.

Biggest surprise: How angry Sam got in my head (and some in the fic) in BSB. I didn't realize he needed Dean and Paul's secrets to come out that badly.

Most telling fic: BSB. One girl, with Dean and Paul, gee, why does that turn me on?

Craziest scene you still can't believe you wrote: Dean getting Paul drunk. It's fun to write Paul loosening up a bit. Pretty sexy, too. He's already putty in Dean's hands; get him a bit tipsy and he's up for practically anything.

WiP or 'verse that has the potential to become an epic if you let it: Not a Wip or 'verse, but a character. Dixie's voice was really fun to write and I'd love to have a reason to bring her back. In fact, her voice is so strong that I know she'll be back in some capacity (even if it's in another universe/original story). She definitely wants to have sex with Dean. She finds Paul attractive too, but Dean is more her type.

Best idea of the year: Multiple POVs in BSB.

Story I want remembered: BSB. The multiple POVs made for such an interesting format. I hope people enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.
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