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Art for spn_reversebang: S1053 The Watcher

This is my second offering for the 2014-15 spn_reversebang, S1053 The Watcher.

The original prompt, S1053 The Watcher

the watcher

Click the pic to see it in its original size. Someone is stalking Sam, Dean, and Castiel. What kind of things would a person see if they had no idea what was going on in their lives but was so intrigued with these three that they couldn't stop watching?

The prompt was claimed by enochiansigils who wrote "out of suffering, the strongest souls."

out of suffering, the strongest souls
Summary: Rowan Abernathy has never been normal. She's okay with this, until she's not. Until she falls into the middle of something much bigger than she is. Until her life is changed forever.

More art for the story!


Biggest version of the title card that I started out with. I know many people find pics of this size to be quite huge, so I made smaller versions and added the text.


The final title card


A banner


And finally, a chapter divider.

Hope you enjoyed looking at my fanart. :)

Sources: Girl at the window pic came from a website featuring Facebook cover photos. (Although I could probably find the link again, I'd rather not link to this site because it requires that you download some kind of program in order to obtain any pics. If you really like the pic and you'd like to have it without the added Castiel, let me know and I can provide it.) Pic of the girl looking in a window from the divider came from posters of the American movie The Uninvited. All SPN images came from pics I've downloaded in the past, most of them promo pics.
Tags: art, big bangs, supernatural
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