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Second art piece for spn_reversebang: "Deanna the Vampire Slayer"

This should have been up on the 6th, and I'm very sorry I couldn't get it done. Many of you already know that I don't currently have internet at home and have to use the wifi at McDonalds. This week I was swamped with work, which is good because I need the money, but was bad for having time to get online. My locker at Kroger's wasn't big enough to hold my computer, which means I would have had to have time to take my computer home before coming back up to work, and all without a car or much money for bus rides. It just couldn't be worked out. So, I couldn't post this until tonight. So sorry to my writer antrazi for the delay this caused.

Here is the post now, though! One thing I love about fanfic is fusions: Taking characters from one fandom and putting them into another, and making this crazy mashup work as if those characters were born there. I also like Girl!Dean. This put the kernel in my head for a natural fusion (that I'm sure has been done before): "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" fused with "Supernatural."


SPN 1065. “Deanna the Vampire Slayer”
Rating of Art: G
Highest Rating Fic Can Be: NC-17
Pairing or Gen: Girl!Dean/Sam, Girl!Dean/Castiel, Girl!Dean/Spike would all be cool
Characters: Sam, Cas, Girl!Dean (represented by Sarah Michelle Gellar), other cast members of Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Warnings: None
Short description of art: Deanna Winchester is the Slayer, and Sam and Dawn are her younger siblings. Just when she thought vampires and demons were tough to deal with, along come the angels, and they're bigger dicks than the Council ever was. Beats going to Hell, though.

Man, I tried SO HARD to make Sam and Castiel look like they were naturally in this pic, but even though I found a pretty good filter to help match the skin tones, they still look... off. Even so, I did my best. Pasted Sam's head on Joss Whedon's body, hehheh. Erased Riley and stuck in Cas. I was just so fascinated with how these changes and additions would transform BtVS and how Dean's personality would fit in with being the Slayer.

This piece was claimed by antrazi who wrote Deanna the Vampire Slayer. It is an engaging and well-crafted fusion of how these two stories could fit together effortlessly. One idea I was hoping would be explored was how would Castiel, an angel, interact with Dawn, her being what she is, and it is explored at length! I'm so happy my author picked up on that! I especially love what she did to Angel, muhahahahahaha. ^__^ Spike rules, Angel drools.
Tags: art, buffy the vampire slayer, fusion, supernatural
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