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First piece of art for spn_reversebang: #1019 My daddy shot your daddy in the head

As the subject line states, this is my first piece of art for this year's spn_reversebang, #1019 My daddy shot your daddy in the head. I will also include a link to the fic it inspired, "Collateral Damage," as soon as it's posted. On to the art!


SPN 1019. “My daddy shot your daddy in the head”
Rating of Art: PG
Highest Rating Fic Can Be: NC-17
Pairing or Gen: John/Bill Harvelle, Bill/Ellen, John/Bill/Ellen are all good
Characters: Young John, Bill Harvelle (represented by my model for him, actor James Read (from the 1980s)), Ellen
Warnings: Canon character death (although we never actually saw it)
Short description of art: A young John Winchester points a gun at someone or something. There is a dark, spooky forest in the background. To the left we see the concerned face of Bill Harvelle, who is but a phantom now. Between them are paranormal pictures that could represent cases John and the Harvelles investigated together. Above John is the haunting declaration, "My daddy shot your daddy in the head..."

We never learned what happened with Bill, why he had to die, and why John did what he did.

Title card for the story:

Collateral Damage

And a banner:

Collateral Damage banner

Got me some John/Bill/Ellen goodness! chiiyo86 wrote the story Collateral Damage based on my art prompt. Dean, Sam, and Jo find out more about what happened to Bill Harvelle and the perplexing relationship he and his wife had with John Winchester. Perplexing if you're having trouble admitting to yourself that your father may've been the third wheel in his friends' marriage, that is. ;)
Tags: art, big bangs, supernatural
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