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Art for my story, Beloved Sin

I'll be posting my spnslashbigbang story today. But first, I want to post the art that goes with it. This art was created for me by caelith - mucho thanks goes out to her for all her effort!

"Beloved Sin" is a Supernatural/Miracles fanfic. The pairing is Dean/Paul (which shouldn't surprise most of you :D).

Beloved Sin

Title Card 1.

Beloved Sin

Title Card 2

Beloved Sin

Title Card 2 no text

Beloved Sin

Title Card 3. Smoochies!

Beloved Sin

A drawing caelith did of Dean and Paul kissing.

And finally, a fanmix/playlist!

Beloved Sin

Bonus Songs:
"Open Arms" - Journey
"Tear It Down" - Def Leppard
"Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)" - Cinderella

I chose the songs for this and caelith put it all together.

Download the playlist here
58.5mbs. Unpack with WinRar or WinZip. If you need a split file instead (so you can download it in smaller parts), please let me know.

The songs on this playlist largely concern the place where Dean and Paul are in their relationship. They both know they're falling in love but are reluctant to admit it to themselves and each other. Each has their own emotional reasons for being hesitant. At this point, will Dean stick around for Paul, or will he and Sam leave town to pursue another supernatural threat?

Of course, not all of the lyrics apply literally, but most of them do express the joys and problems of Dean and Paul's relationship.

This is not every song I would put on the Brokeback Mothman soundtrack. In fact, it would probably be a double album before I got through with these guys, heheh.

Heart - "Alone"

'Til now
I always got by on my own
I never really cared until I met you
And now it chills me to the bone
How do I get you alone?

The Eagles - "Desperado"

Desperado, why don't you come to your senses?
Come down from your fences, open the gate
It may be rainin', but there’s a rainbow above you
You better let somebody love you,
let somebody love you,
You better let somebody love you
before it's too late

Saigon Kick - "Love is on the Way"

And in the morning I'll be gone away
All the things I left behind
If you need me I'll come night and day
Let's stop the hands of time

Whitesnake - "Is this Love?"

I find I spend my time waiting on your call
How can I tell you babe?
My back's against the wall
I need you by my side to tell me it's alright
'Cause I don't think I can take anymore
Is this love that I'm feeling?
Is this the love that I've been searching for?

Dokken - "The Hunter"

You're the only one I could call my own
But then the shadows fall and I'm gone again
I'm a hunter
Searching for love
on these lonely streets again
I'm the hunter
Searching for things
that I might never find again

Billy Squier - "Emotions in Motion"

Back street boy gonna sell you some sin
He'll wind you up
He gonna suck you in
The blood say yes, the mind say no
The voice in your ear say you go - go - go

Def Leppard - "Tonight"

Don't try to look away when you're face to face
I see your eyes that animal emotion
You don't have to set your tender trap
It's in those eyes, it's gonna happen anyway

Movin' to the rhythm of your heartbeat, yeah
I'm wantin', willin', touchin' you, we'll be
Movin' to the rhythm of your heartbeat
Ooh babe, when you get that rhythm
Gonna move into your room

Tonight - Gimme love with no disguise
Tonight - I see the fire in your eyes
Tonight - So right, this night could be dynamite
Wait'n'see, if it pleases you it pleases me

Joan Osborne - "Right Hand Man"

I've been on a floor lookin' for a chair
I've been on a chair lookin' for a couch
I've been on a couch lookin' for a bed, lookin' for a bed,
lookin' for my, my, my right hand, my right hand man
My right hand, my right hand man

Extreme - "More Than Words"

Saying I love you
Is not the words I want to hear from you
It's not that I want you
Not to say it, but if you only knew
How easy it would be to show me how you feel
More than words is all you have to do to make it real
Then you wouldn't have to say that you love me
Cos I'd already know

Harem Scarem - "Don't Give Your Heart Away"

You say you heard a voice in the night
And you swear it was your calling
Your words rang true over mine, I want you to know
Wherever you run to now,
just remember don't give your heart away
Whoever you run to now,
just remember don't give your heart away

I always meant to include "Open Arms" by Journey on the ultimate Dean/Paul fanmix, but I forgot about it at the time the mix was being created. Someday, there may be enough extra songs to have a Disc 2. :D

Journey - "Open Arms"

Lying beside you
Here in the dark
Feeling your heartbeat with mine
Softly you whisper
You're so sincere
How could our love be so blind
We sailed on together
We drifted apart
And here you are
By my side

So now I come to you
With open arms
Nothing to hide
Believe what I say
So here I am
With open arms
Hoping you'll see
What your love means to me
Open arms

Def Leppard - "Tear It Down"

(The ultimate tearing-the-clothes-off, kissing-and-groping-all-over-the-room-until-we-hit-the-bed, rockin' out rock song!)

You got the look of a howlin' wolf
I like it
The kind of eyes that could start a fire
Yes, I like it
A streetwise dynamo, I switch you on
And I watch you go
A thrill to touch, you're so hot
I'm coming for you ready or not

I'm gettin' ready - Living on the edge of a dream
I'm gettin' ready - Oh, switch on your lovin' machine

I'm on fire, you're all ice
Once too much is twice as nice
Get tough, fool's luck
One bite and I'm hooked
A black cat with a silver tongue
A quick lick and you're gone
One kiss, it heats up
Too close ain't close enough

Tear it down - If only you could stay
All night long

(Yes Lepp fans, I changed one word there to "heats," because there's no such fucking verb as "hots," Joe.)

Cinderella - "Don't Know What You Got (Till It's Gone)"

(This song is meant to go with a particular story I have planned for the future when Dean and Paul have a fight and Dean wants to leave Boston forever. I wonder how that will come out? *eg*)

I can't tell ya baby what went wrong
I can't make you feel what you felt
So long ago, I'll let it show
I can't give you back what's been hurt
Heartaches come and go and all that's
left are the words
I can't let go
If we take some time to think it over baby
Take some time, let me know
If you really wanna go

Don't know what you got till it's gone
Don't know what it is I did so wrong
Now I know what I got
It's just this song
And it ain't easy to get back
Takes so long

I can't feel the things that cause you pain
I can't clear my heart of your love
It falls like rain, ain't the same
I hear you calling far away
Tearing through my soul, I just can't
Take another day, Who's to blame
If we take some time to think it over baby
Take some time, let me know
If you really wanna go

Do you wanna see me beggin' baby
Can't you give me just one more day
Can't you see my heart's been draggin' lately
I've been lookin' for the words to say

Enjoy! Story to follow. ^_^
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